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About Us

Gohar Publishers Pakistan stands as a leading force in the country’s publishing domain, renowned for its commitment to international quality standards. Specializing in diverse subjects such as Early Education, Science, Islamic Studies, English, Urdu, Social Studies, and Computer Sciences, the organization has earned acclaim from esteemed educational institutions. With a core focus on publishing, Gohar employs a dedicated team of educators, curriculum specialists, editors, and artists, collaboratively crafting innovative and high-quality educational materials. 


Teacher Resources

Gohar Publishers Pakistan distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive teacher resources alongside its publications. These resources, including Keybooks, Model Papers, Scheme of Study, and Lesson Plans, play a pivotal role in enhancing the educational experience for both students and teachers.

Gohar Paper Maker

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Gohar Publishers Pakistan extends its commitment to modern education practices by providing an Online Paper Maker Software. This innovative tool empowers educators to design and create school exams with ease. The software likely offers a user-friendly interface and features that enable the customization of exam papers according to specific curriculum requirements. By embracing digital solutions, Gohar Publishers not only caters to the evolving needs of educational institutions but also facilitates the seamless creation of assessments for teachers.

Video Lectures

Embark on an interactive learning journey with Gohar Publishers. Our textbooks feature QR codes in every chapter, granting instant access to video lectures. Scan, watch, and delve deeper into each concept seamlessly. Elevate your understanding through the synergy of written content and dynamic visual insights, making education both accessible and engaging

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