Gohar Publishers has a vast variety of books for the Nursery and prep classes younger students. Following is the list and a brief description about these books

Salient Features:

  • Gohar Toddler Series is a set of four books. It is a two in one series. Students not only learn to read words and numbers but also learn how to write. Colouring activity is also a fun for students.
  • Gohar MY First ABC, 123 and ا ب پ are three books for Nursery class students. In these books students will learn to read words and numbers. Along with these books there are also three writing and colouring books. So the set of six books is a complete course for the nursery class students.
    Gohar My First Book of Knowledge is a multi-knowledge book. It contains a vast verity of topics suitable for prep class students. These topics include fruit, vegetables, morals, cleanliness, praying etc.
  • Gohar Rhymes Book 2 is for prep class students. Here in this book student will learn poems by heart. These poems are relatively longer than poems in Book 1.
    There are also books for prep class in Gohar English Series, Bluebell English Series and the Books C and D in Mount Hill Series.
  • All these books provide material to improve the vocabulary as well as teach the construction of sentences and prepare students for class 1 where he/she can read stories.