Gohar Publishers has a vast variety of books for the playgroup young students. Following is the list and a brief description about these books.

Salient Features:
Friendship with ABC, abc, 123 and گوھر دوستی ا ب پ are hard-binded four books. Letters, numbers and pictures are colourful.
Gohar Alphabet Picture Book, Gohar Counting Picture Book and گوھر اُردُو تصویری قاعدہ are three books. These books are very useful to teach English alphabet, Urdu alphabet and Counting up to 20.

Gohar Writing and Colouring Workbooks are four books for the playgroup students. These workbooks are in the landscape form. These are also extremely useful, as students not only learn to recognise the letters and numbers but also learn how to write.
Very attractive and comprehensive books for the playgroup students are also available under the banner of Mount Hill Series.