Muhammad Hussain Gohar Chairman


Foreword from Chairman

Hamdard Kutab Khana was incorporated by me back in 1953.

Over the years Hamdard Kutab Khana has emerged to become one of Pakistan’s leading academic publishing houses with a wide range of school textbooks, helping books and technical books.

Hamdard Kutab Khana is continuing its role to improve the literacy rate in the country and in the creation of high-quality books to suit every palate at affordable prices, so that knowledge does not remain the prerogative of just a few people.

When the bulk of publications multiplied, it was considered proper that Hamdard Kutab Khana be split into different managerial groups:

Babar Book Depot, The Choice Publication and Gohar Publishers.

The said companies will continue its goal of providing world class books and supplementary reading material at competitive prices for schools and general public at large.

Altaf Hussain Gohar Director


Foreword from Managing Directors

We take pride in running a dynamic publishing house.

Gohar Publishers which aims to produce innovative titles from the best of Pakistani and foreign authors and illustrators, in a variety of genres.

Teachers, parents and school children profoundly appreciate/acknowledge the high standards of “Gohar’s Books”.

Gohar Publishers success story continues as Punjab Textbook Board has issued NOCs to 30 plus books developed by us.

Science 6 & 7, Mathematics 6 & 7, Islamiat 7 and Pakistan Studies 10 have been recommended and adopted in all the Govt schools of Punjab.

In addition to the above, 5 books developed by us have also been recommended and adopted by the Azad Kashmir Textbook Board for all the Govt/Private schools in Azad Kashmir.

Gohar Publishers has also launched wallcharts containing various educational topics. Students of all age-groups will find the information, interesting and easy to learn.

Towards the “Interactive Learning” all of our textbooks are now supported with multimedia interactive modules (CDs) and online teacher’s manual (resources).
We value efforts and contribution of each and every person associated with us, be it core team, support staff, authors, translators, editorial staff, printers & binders, family, supporters and most importantly, “the Teachers & Students”.
Gohar Publishers has its branch offices at all major cities of the country. These offices have their resource centres for teachers with complete range of Gohar’s books on display.

Education is the only key to success in the modern world and this is possible only through good books. Gohar Publishers is working with the same vision.

We are proud that our team has been successful in presenting a bouquet of quality books for students. It all has been possible through the hard work of our team and suggestions from specialists of different subjects.

Gohar books have produced revolutionary results because of their lucid expressions, eye-catching illustrations and full of knowledge imparting material.

We re-affirm proudly that Gohar’s books have made education interesting and easy for students. These books provide a sound base of knowledge to the nation builders of the future. Our books are available at bookshops throughout the country.

Abu Zar Ghaffari Gohar Managing Director