How to become a Professional Teacher

How to become a Professional Teacher

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From Practicing Teachers to Fellow Teachers

Fundamentally, this self-training book is meant for all those educators who are Teachers, Principals, School Managers, Student Counselors, Administrators and Consultants, and who are required to teach, train, guide, motivate, coach and counsel students but have no past understanding of the pedagogical skills.
‘How to Become a Professional Teacher’ is not a book to read; it is a book to use. It explains all the vital components of pedagogical skills, and diligently illustrates how these skills should be applied. Using these simple yet sound techniques can make a dramatic change in the overall success of your career and the institute you serve.
With this techniques-filled book as your personal guide, you’ll acquire knowledge, skills and confidence needed to plan and deliver a complete instructional program from the very outset. Following the proven process, you will be taken step-by-step through all the stages of converting your thoughts into a result-oriented teaching sessions.
This book is a synthesis and consolidation of the best teaching ideas, techniques and skills that an effective teacher needs to deliver the product and, consequently, contribute to students’ development and organizational objectives. It systematically covers all 'rules of the game' that any and every teacher needs to develop and deliver an outstanding teaching program comprehensively.

‘How to Become a Professional Teacher’ is a useful tool to use and achieve success in teaching domain. We believe, you like reading it and enjoy practicing it. Pakistan needs you; students need you; education needs you ----- and countless opportunities are all around. Just master the skills and step into the right track !


Section 1 : Attributes of a Professional Teacher

Section 2 : Know Your Students (Coming Soon)

Section 3 : Organizing for Instruction (Coming Soon)

Section 4 : Teacher as a Classroom Manager (Coming Soon)

Section 5 : Implementing Instruction (Coming Soon)

Section 6 : Monitoring Students Progress & Assessment (Coming Soon)

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