Skylark Social Studies

Social Studies

The Skylark Social Studies is a series of nine books from 0 to 8.

Salient Features

For teachers and students’ facility answers to questions have been given at the end of each chapter.

Objective exercises have been given to check the understanding of students.
Fascinating facts are given in every chapter in the boxes under the titles ‘Interesting’ and ‘Did you know?’. This will help students to better understand the topic and keep them interested.
This series is designed for easy learning and better understanding.
The main focus of this series is our homeland, Pakistan. Students will learn a lot about our beloved country.
Students have been made familiarized with good manners regarding their behaviour towards elders, eating habits and dressing.
A lot of high resolution pictures have been given in this series so the students are fully aware of the technicality of the topics. You must have heard ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.
Pictures and relevant maps and diagrams are carefully selected and drawn.
It has been made sure that there is no ambiguity in any of the topics.
In book six of this series a chapter is added, in which students are familiarized with all areas of Pakistan. Information like people, traditions, language, famous personalities, government, physical features, main cities and history about all the areas of Pakistan is made available.
We are sure that this series will be liked all over the country. Both teachers and students will find the series interesting and knowledge giving.

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