Skylark Science


Skylark Science is a series consisting of nine books from Science 0 to Science 8. This series is serving to uplift the academic standard of the schools.

Salient Features

In the beginning of each chapter text is given to introduce the topic.
Basically, it is chapters along with question- answer form series.
The whole contents of each chapter is discussed in questions and answers.
The text of each chapter is easy-to-understand.
Interesting and practicable activities are given in each chapter to support the content of the chapter.
Extra questions under the heading of “Think and Answer” provide opportunity to the students to show their understanding ability.
Objective exercises given at the end of each chapter provide enough practice to prepare their examination.
Teacher Notes at the end of each chapter, guide the teachers to make their lectures more effective.
We are confident that both teachers and students will find this series interesting, knowledge giving and useful.

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