Bluebell English

Bluebell English

BlueBell English is a series which contains seven textbooks and five key books. It is based on an upto- date and exciting new approach that is perfect for building and developing key skills in the English language.


This structured English language course offers a variety of
language work in important skills such as:

  • Comprehension
  • Punctuation
  • Vocabulary
  • Study Skills
  • Grammar
  • Creative Writing
  • Spelling
  • Letter Writing

This series is a complete English language course as it is based on good English teaching techniques. This easy-touse new course tackles skill development in such a way that children are encouraged to make sound sustainable progress and to achieve high standard of skills in the English language.

  • Students will find illustrations with every situation from class nursery to class three.
  • There is a box by the name ‘Grammar’ almost in every
    lesson. It is specially for teachers’ convenience.
  • It is a large size series, therefore, more appealing to students.
  • Required number of stories and poems have been given in each book of the series. The number of stories increases in every next class.
  • This course is carefully graded. A student who completes all the books of the series, will be able to express his/her ideas clearly and effectively. The tone of the book is conversational, so students also learn to express themselves orally.
  • We hope that the series is a very useful set of books for
    teaching and learning English language.

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